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Hello and welcome to our home,, located in the beautiful Gem City.

We’re an online print source for businesses just like yours, but most importantly, we are a FAMILY!!

My name is Eric, but around here I’m known as Dad. 

I’m owner and operator of this fancy website you’re visiting and I’ll be quite frank with you, I’m gosh darn tootin’ excited you’re here visiting us.

If you’ll hang around with me for a couple minutes, I’ll tell you a little about who we are and how we can help you simplify your business’ printing needs.

But before I go any further, I need to introduce you to someone else that likes to help out around here.

Meet Our Team!

Eric Liddic aka Dad

Eric Liddic aka Dad

To his friends and clients he’s known as Eric, Founder of, but around here you’ll hear him called Dad.

One thing is for sure, Eric doesn’t love printing.

What he does love is business and branding!

Whether you’re building your own business from nothing or are working with a bigger company, the pure hustle, grind and determination of growing a business to a name people recognize and trust, is something Eric lives for.

Whether you’re business operates in your own neighborhood or you’re nationwide, Eric’s excitement to help your business reach its goals is always high.

Eric’s genuine passion for your brand is important, because his goal is never to sell you more printing, it is to always recommend ideas that make sense for your business not his bottom line.

Are you a business owner?

Please connect with Eric on any of these platforms below.

His DM is always open for your business and print questions.

Aeson the Office Manager

Aeson the Office Manager

Meet Aeson, he’s the Office Manager here at

He is the hardest working kid in the print business and he loves when his dad gives him important jobs to work on, especially when he gets to help with deliveries!

Aeson loves delivering Client orders, but probably not for the reasons you may think. Aeson has a secret that very few know about.  And if you follow our story, you may be one of the lucky people he shares this secret with.



Sometimes you’ll see Aeson with his lil buddy, Snugglesaurus. To most people Snugglesaurus is simply a stuffed dinosaur pillow, but to Aeson he’s much more, he’s a good friend to share his secret with.

Super Awesome Ace Dynamite

Super Awesome Ace Dynamite

Although he’s not on the payroll, The Gem City’s most beloved super hero, Super Awesome Ace Dynamite, is single-handedly responsible for making sure your deliveries arrive safely.

Ace Dynamite protects our city from the dangers that threaten our citizens and your business’ prints.

His SUPER POWERS are what make him Super Awesome, and they’re the same super powers that make you SUPER AWESOME too!

He uses his mind to solve the problems he faces!

Most of the time, these problems are caused by the mischievous workings of The Gem City’s most feared villain, and Ace Dynamite’s most troublesome enemy, The Evil Dr Rob Vista.

Super Rex

Super Rex

Ace Dynamite’s trusty side-kick, Super Rex, is a force that most would not want to face on their own. Combined as a duo, this superhero tag-team keeps The Gem City protected when danger strikes.

Super Rex uses his mighty Sonic Roarrr and Dyno-Bounce to battle off the poorly executed attempts of the local villain to conquer The Gem City.

Evil Dr. Rob Vista

Evil Dr. Rob Vista

Evil Dr Rob Vista is The Gem City’s most notorious villain and least liked citizen.

He’s also a very confused and lonely villain.

These troublesome issues push the Evil Doctor to wreak havoc on the citizens of The Gem City. He causes this mayhem while profoundly claiming that he is searching for the city’s secret “Gems” that are being hidden from him. Gems that do not even exist.

No one ever knows when Dr Vista will strike again but it’s safe to say that Ace Dynamite will be close behind to put a stop to his evil plans.